WELCOME to our Two new members

Lilly Milligan – Lily comes to us from Machias FD.  She obtained her EMT at Pioneer Central School District as a senior.    

Dan Barone – Dan has lived in West Seneca his entire life.  He has no prior experience, but is eager and willing to learn on the job!  


Mark your calendars!

Accidents Happen

The roads were not bad but unfortunately, when you hit the side of the road, it will pull your vehicle in.  Lucky for this driver, he self extricated out of the side window and was unhurt, only shook up.

News for 2024

CONTRATULATIONS to Liane Schneller and Rob Elwell for passing their NYS EMT EXAM!!  


On January 4 at approximately 6:45 pm last night, Vigilant was notified of a Hazardous Condition in the area of Union Road and Holland Avenue. Upon arrival, Vigilant 9 along with Erie County HazMat and the DEC established the incident was a diesel spill from the corner of Union & Center Road, which appeared to leaked into the storm sewers causing fumes to enter houses along Holland Avenue. No ill effects were noted from the residences that were affected and the houses were ventilated. All buildings were investigated to make sure the safety of all residents.

After mitigating the situation, crews were back in service around 8:30 pm. Great collaborative team work with Vigilant, Erie County HazMat, DEC, WS Town Emergency Management and the Town Sewer Department and Highway. Thank you to the public for thier cooperation
during this matter.



Congratulations to the 2024 District Officers

Fire Chief Barbra Mann

1st Assistant Chief Ron Bourgeois

2nd Assistant Chief Hubbard Koglmeier

EMS Captain Brendon Najm

Qa/QI Coordinator Michaela Mann

EMS Engineer Bob Snekser

Fire Lieutenant Mike D’Aurizio

Fire Lieutenant Adriel Santiago

Fire Lieutenant Dylan Biddeman

Fire Foreman Rich Sainsbury

Safety Officer John Gullo

Safety Officer Rich Sainsbury

Fire Police Captain Dan Sikorski

Fire Police Lieutenant Tom Casey

Fire Police Lieutenant Gary Parucki

Fire Police Lieutenant Bill Hanson


CONGRATULATIONS to TOM BAUSCH – 50 years continuous active service!

CONGRATULATIONS to BILL CLEARY  who is leaving office of Fire Commissioner after many years of service



New Vigilant 5

Members of our Truck Committee traveled to Horsehead to check out our new Rescue 5.  Below are pictures of the progress on the vehicle.

Fire on Ridge Road

On Saturday, April 23, we had Recuit NY.  Members were at the hall on hand to speak with potential members.  Applications were handed out and we are waiting for them to send the applcaitons back! 


On Wednesday, February 23, 2022, a commercial fire was dispatched to West Seneca Fire Districts and neighboring companies in the area at Buffalo’s Best Catering on Ridge Road.  Vigilant not only manned an Engine to the scene, manned apparatus at our hall, but also established Rehab for the many volunteers at the scene.

Our Squad 10 was alerted.  Along with our Ladies Auxiliary, members called local restaurants and made sandwiches, prepared fruit and beverages to deliver to the crews working the scene.  A big THANK YOU to Altons and The Olive Branch for donating hundreds of cups of soup and chili to our crews!


Special Delivery!

In Service with Decals.

On December 14, 2021, Vigilant/West Seneca Fire District #6 took delivery of a brand new 2022 gas powered ambulance to replace a 2003 diesel powered ambulance.

2022 District Officers

Congratulations to all…

2022 Commissioners

  • Bill Cleary
  • Al Calderone
  • Jim “Huey” McCullough – newly elected
  • Bob Safe – newly elected
  • Max Clifford – newly elected

2022 Chief Officers

  • John Gullo, Vigilant 9
  • Barbra Mann, Vigilant 9-1
  • Brendon Najm, Vigilant 9-2 (EMS Chief)


Santa Around Town Photos

Santa took time out of his busy schedule to visit children and group homes within Vigilant’s Fire District.  Thank you to all members who came out to assist Santa on Saturday.  It took over 5 hours to cover the entire district.  We apologize for not being able to travel down each and every street in the District, it is difficult to maneuver the truck and trailer around certain streets, such as dead ends.   We hope that everyone at least got to see Santa on Saturday!


Fire Prevention at EduKids

October is Fire Prevention Month.

Vigilant visits various pre-schools and daycare centers within the District during the month to teach fire prevention to youngsters.  Rob and Brendon are seen here showing the children the gear and equipment fireman use on fire calls.

Childrens faces have been obscured to protect privacy.