2013 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor SUV

The West Seneca Fire District #6 (Vigilant Fire Company) is listing this 2013 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor SUV for bidding.  This vehicle will include all emergency lighting/siren controller (if sold to an authorized entity) as well as mounted center console.  The radio equipment and scanner, equipment, bags, cardiac monitor, SCBA that may be pictured WILL NOT be included.  Mileage on this vehicle is approximately 78,000 miles.  The vehicle is still in service but will be infrequently used as we have purchased a replacement vehicle.  This vehicle will be sold in AS-IS condition and there is no warranty offered.  Clean title, no accidents and impeccable maintenance record (which is available for viewing).


Minimum bid is requested to be $10,000 with any ties going to the earliest received bid as the date received so long as the bids are in the actual physical possession of West Seneca Fire District #6 by bid opening (at or about 5pm on October 15, 2020).  Each bid should be submitted in one sealed envelope.  West Seneca Fire District #6 reserves the right to reject any or all bids.


Any questions should be directed to Fire Commissioner, Andy Oscypala and can be contacted by email at andyo@vigilantfire.com or 716-393-1730.  Vehicle can be seen by appointment only by contacting Commissioner Oscypala in advance.



West Seneca Fire District #6

Attn: Explorer Bid

666 Main Street

West Seneca, NY 14224

Vigilant Fire Department’s Honoring High School Senior Class of 2020 Route:

Leave Fire Station at 3PM

Center Rd across from Wimbledon Plaza





Ansley Court

Freemont (400 side) Gilfillian

Almont (400 side)



Cathedral Dr


Summit Meadow


Robin Ct

Robin Lane





Center to Sky Hi

Seneca to Main


Sunnyside (by Carol)

Main / Seneca


Across / through Southgate Plaza






Seneca to Highland

Cloverside Ct

Union and to the Station

Vigilant Fire District Honoring Seniors of the Class of 2020

Vigilant Fire, West Seneca Fire District Number 6, would like to thank our community members for their support over the past 3 months. Members have participated in approximately 50 parades and celebrations. The members have enjoyed the opportunity to brighten someone’s day and be able to be out and see our community members.


As our members are beginning to get back to our new normal, the volume of our EMS and Fire Calls from 911 dispatch have begun to increase. We will be beginning our weekly training schedules, returning to our paid jobs, and along with our family obligations we will be unable to honor any more parade celebration requests. We look forward to see all of you at various community events in the future. In the mean time, please follow the social distancing guidelines that have been issued, so that we can. ALL stay safe and healthy!  We hope to continue with our annual event of Santa around town in early December. We will be looking forward to the community events in 2021, from Community Days, Queen of Heaven Lawn Fete, National Night Out, to our neighborhood Fire Prevention visits.


Sunday, June 14th at 3PM will be our last fire district parade. This parade will be a one day only Graduation Celebration for the Seniors of the Class of 2020 and for those dedicated to serving in any capacity during the COVID 19 pandemic. Vigilant’s parade route will cover every street within the Vigilant’s Fire District.  If you live in Vigilant’s district and would like to honor a Graduating Senior or a person who served during the pandemic please message us on Face book page, Vigilant Fire Department, West Seneca District No. 6, email joellevandewater@gmail.com , or complete the form below to be added to our parade route. In your message please include your address along with who is being honored and why. Please put your request in to Chief Mike Baj or Joelle VanDewater by 12 Noon on Saturday, June 13th so we can plan our route.


So again, effective as of June 10th we are no longer taking requests for individual parades and celebrations. We will honor all previously arranged events.

Thank you for your continued support and your understanding,

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Your Volunteers at Vigilant Fire, West Seneca Fire District 6