May 1 – Drill with Winchester at 10-60 Auto Parts – Patient Evaluation, Auto Extrication, Patient Extrication and Car Fires


April 24 – UTV Driver Training with our new CanAm Defender “Eagle One”.

April 17 – Hose Test

April 3 –  Elevator Rescue

March 2 – Joint WS Fire District Drill with East Seneca

Thank you to East Seneca for inviting WS Town Fire Companies to your acquired structure drill.


Drill for February 7

Extrication Rodeo – training with hydraulic and battery power tools.



Drill for Wednesday, January 31

Members attened a lecture of “The Smoke is your Guide to the Fire” from our very own Asst Chief (Buffalo Battalion Chief) Ron Bourgeois.    The knowledge that this person has is immeasurable to not only for Vigilant, but the other departments in the area.  Vigilant is lucky to have Ron as one of our own!


Winter Operations – January 2024

Not only do we respond to those in need, we need to have items on hand for operations during these events.  Members not only practiced winter response with the ARGO and other equipment, stretching a line for house fires when driveways are not plowed, but also what is needed prior to an Emergency Event.

2024 Drills