May 24 – Annual Skills Training with Catholic Health – Rachel, Laura and the SIMMan! 

April 27 – Fire Behavior

April 6 – Ventilation Drill


March 30 Drill – CPR ReCertification

March 23


March 16


February 16  drill was Fire Police review and vehicle placement at scenes.

February 2 drill was Cardiology 101 – What do the squiggly lines mean?  Thank you to Catholic Health and Jim for presenting this class.  It was great to see so many members from various departments around the area join in on our drill!

January, we had the pleasure of having an acquired structure opportunity.  Unfortunately, we had to limit our drill capability due to the owners request to not destroy the buildings, but we were able to conduct training on horizontal ventilation, building contruction training and for some of our new members, we were able to smoke up the building and let them practice search and rescue.   It is great experience to be able to drill in any capacity in an acquired structure.

Vigilant was also lucky enough to get an up close and personal view of some local law enforcement as they conducted their training exercises.